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Arrabal, Fernando: The tower struck by lightning

Bosanko, Abigail: Lazy ways to make a living

Burton, Jeffrey B.: The chessman

Caris, John: Reality inspector

Carter, Stephen: The emperor of Ocean Park

Chabon, Michael: The Yiddish policemen's union

Coggins, Mark: The immortal game

Delman, David: The last gambit

Ferguson, W.B.M.: The black company

Glyn, Anthony: The Dragon variation

Hood, David: The chess men

Jones, Tanya: Trotter's bottom

Keyes, Frances Parkinson: The chess players

Leithauser, Brad: Hence

Levoy, Myron: Three friends

Lovejoy, David: Moral victories

Macomber, Debbie: 74 Seaside avenue

Malzberg, Barry: Tactics of conquest

Monteilhet, Hubert: Return from the ashes

Randisi, Robert J.: Nick Carter - Chessmaster (courtesy of Ton F.)

Reilly, Matthew: The tournament

Smith, Terrence Lore: The thief who came to dinner

Stuckart, Diane A.S.: The Queen's gambit

Woro, Eric: Under the black sun

Yaffe, Charles D.: Alekhine's anguish

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