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Basalla, Bob: Chess in the movies


Abroms, Edward: The most dangerous match (TV-series Columbo)

Andersson, Benny & Ulvaeus, Björn & Rice,Tim: Chess

Asbjornsen, Oyvind: The prince of chess (courtesy of Casper Pieters)

Baker, Roy: Room without a view (TV-series The Avengers, courtesy of Eef Bindinga)

Bakhurin, Andrei: The white, the black

Battiato, Giacomo: Entrusted

Beeson, Charles: 18-5-4 (TV-series The mentalist)

Benes, Lubomir: Light (TV-series Pat & Mat)

Bergman, Ingmar: The seventh seal

Bernard, Raymond: The chessplayer

Berner, Arvin N.: Checkmate

Bliss, Arthur & Valois, Ninette de: Checkmate

Bottaro, Caroline: Queen to play

Bujalski, Andrew: Computer chess

Burton, David & Grinde, Nick: The bishop murder case

Bye, Ed: Culture (TV-series Bottom)

Cámara Silva, Luis: Endgame

Chaffey, Don: Checkmate (TV-series The prisoner)

Chapa, Damian: Bobby Fischer live

Cocteau, Jean & Richter, Hans: 8 x 8 A chess sonata in 8 movements

Dabush, Shahar: Chess wars

Dembo, Richard: Dangerous moves

Donovan, Paul: The game (TV-series Lexx)

Evans, Graham: The best chess player in the world (TV-series Tales of the unexpected)

Fasolo, David: Chess me out

Fleischer, Dave: Chess-nuts

Gingell, Christabel: The Lewis chessmen

Goldberger, Jake: Life of a king

Goodwin, Bob: The end (TV-series The X-files)

Gorris, Marleen: The Luzhin defence

Gudmundsson, Fridrik: Me & Bobby Fischer

Gyllenhaal, Stephen: Checkmate (TV-series Numb3rs)

Hanchar, Yves: The chess game

Hark, Tsui & Ho, Yim: King of chess

Henderson, John: Alice through the looking glass

Herrera, Manuel: Capablanca

Houten, Andrew van den: Headspace

Hughes, Allen: Knights of the South Bronx

Hunt, Gordon: Chess pains (TV-series Frasier)

Jayanti, Vikram: Game over - Kasparov and the machine

Kjellin, Alf: A game of chess (TV-series Mission impossible)

Lammers, Esmé: Long live the queen

Laneuville, Eric: The mighty pawns

Lecchi, Alberto: El juego de Arcibel

MacKinnon, Gillies: The grass arena

McBride, Jim: Uncovered

McDonald, Frank: Scared stiff

Mertineit, Michael: The immortal game - the movie

N.N.: Gambler's choice

Napier Robertson, James: The dark horse

Oswald, Gerd: Brainwashed

Pallai, Alex: The Sicilian Defence (TV-series Midomer Murders)

Pasquale, Donato di: Partita immortale

Paul, Robert W.: A chess dispute

Petersen, Wolfgang: Black and white, like day and night

Petrarca, David: Chess lessons (TV-series Jack & Bobby)

Pfletschinger, Bernhard: Kampf der Könige/Fighting for the crown

Pinkava, Jan: Geri's game

Price, Phil: Hatley High

Pudovkin, Vsevolod & Shipovsky, Nikolai: Chess fever

Punt, Roland & Knevel, Joep: Gens una sumus

Ray, Satyajit: The chess players

Ree, Benjamin: Magnus

Sackheim, Daniel: The jerk (TV-series House M.D.)

Saito, Hiroshi: Alfred's chess adventure (TV-series Alfred J. Kwak)

Saito, Hiroshi: The queen loses her crown (TV-series Alfred J. Kwak)

Schenkel, Carl: Knight moves

Schwartz, Roy: Pawns

Scott, Kenny: Make me a genius (TV-series My brilliant brain)

Sinton, Frank & Storm, Anthony: The mad genius of Bobby Fischer

Smart, Ralph: Checkmate (TV-series The adventures of Robin Hood)

Thompson, J. Lee: Return from the ashes

Travolta, Joey: Final move

Traynor, Adam: Ivory tower

Watkins, Michael W.: Mr. Monk and the genius (TV-series Monk)

Weisman, Sam: Checkmate (TV-series Family ties)

Wenji, Teng: Chess king

Yakin, Boaz: Fresh

Yorkin, Bud: The thief who came to dinner

Zaillian, Steven: Innocent moves

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