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Books on Chess History

(only books in English)

Alexander, C.H.O' D.: A book of chess

Averbakh, Yuri: Centre-stage and behind the scenes

Bird, Henry Edward: Chess history and reminiscences (reprint)

Brace, Edward R.: An illustrated dictionary of chess

Bulten, Barbara (ed.): Corus chess tournament 1938-2008

Cazaux & Josten & Samsin: The anatomy of chess

Corfield, Justin: Pawns in a greater game

Davidson, Henry A.: A short history of chess

Eales, Richard: Chess

Ewart, Bradley: Chess - Man vs machine (courtesy of Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam)

Ferm, Olle & Honemann, Volker (eds.): Chess and allegory in the Middle Ages

Forbes, Duncan: The history of chess (reprint)

Golombek, Harry: Chess

Golombek, Harry: The encyclopedia of chess

Gizycki, Jerzy: A history of chess

Hartston, William: The kings of chess

Hooper, David & Whyld, Kenneth: The Oxford companion to chess

Horton, Byrne J.: Dictionary of modern chess

Keats, Victor: Memoirs of a chessnut

Keene, Raymond: Chess

Monté, Peter: The classical era of modern chess

Müller, Rainer A.: The physician in the game of chess (4 languages)

Murray, Harold James Ruthven: A history of chess (reprint)

Murray, Harold James Ruthven: A short history of chess

Price, Bill: The history of chess in fifty moves

Reerink, Henriëtte: Dame aan zet/Queen's move

Schenk, David: The immortal game

Sunnucks, Anne: The encyclopedia of chess

Wilson, Fred: A picture history of chess

Yalom, Marilyn: Birth of the chess queen

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