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Books on Chess Curiosities

(only books in English)

Alexis, Ray: Chess ex libris

Carroll, Charles Michael: The great chess automaton

Cockburn, Alexander: Idle passion

DeLucia, David: A few old friends

Domingo i Gimeno: Thematic stamps catalogue - Chess

Donner, J.H.: The king

Fox, Mike & James, Richard: The even more complete chess addict

Gollon, John: Chess variations

Hale, Benjamin: Philosophy looks at chess

Hunvald, Henry: Chess quotations from the masters

Knight, Norman & Guy, Will: King, Queen and Knight

Knudsen, John C.: Essential chess quotations

Lasker, Edward: The adventure of chess

Levitt, Gerald M.: The Turk, chess automaton

Pritchard, D.B.: The classified encyclopedia of chess variants

Pritchard, D.B.: The encyclopedia of chess variants

Pritchard, D.B.: Popular chess variants

Serruys, Henri: Chess ex-libris catalogue 2004

Spanier, David: Total chess (courtesy of Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam)

Standage, Tom: The mechanical Turk

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