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Books on Chess Architecture

(chess architecture = the design of chess material)

(only books in English)

Bobzin, Anne & Weber, Klaus: The Bauhaus chess set by Josef Hartwig

Brown, Nancy Marie: Ivory Vikings

Caldwell, D.H. & Hall, M.A.: The Lewis chessmen - New perspectives

Caldwell, Hall & Wilkinson: The Lewis chessmen - Unmasked

Darlow, Mike: Turned chessmen

Dean, George: Chess masterpieces

Fersht, Alan: Jaques Staunton chess sets 1849-1939

Graham, F. Lanier: Chess sets

Greygoose, Frank: Chessmen

Hammond, Alex: The book of chessmen

Katz, Emile: History of chessmen

Keats, Victor: Chessmen for collectors

Kloprogge, Mathieu & Kloprogge, Ine: Chessmen art and history

Liddell, Donald M.: Chessmen

Linder, Isaac: The art of chess pieces

Loranth, Alice N.: Enchanted chessmen - a world of fantasy

Mackett-Beeson, Alfred Ernest James: Chessmen

McClain, Dylan Loeb: Chess Master Works

McNab Dennis, Jessie & Wilkinson, Charles: Chess East and West Past and Present

Munger, Edwin S.: Cultures, chess and art vol. 1 (courtesy of Budget Boek)

Munger, Edwin S.: Cultures, chess and art vol. 2 (courtesy of Budget Boek)

Munger, Edwin S.: Cultures, chess and art vol. 3 (courtesy of Budget Boek)

Robinson, James: The Lewis chessmen

Sanders, Mark & Phillips, Catherine: The art of chess

Sanders, Mark (ed.): Skáklist - 32 pieces: The art of chess

Schädler, Ulrich & Thomsen, Thomas: Cast iron and chess (English/German)

Schädler, Ulrich & Thomsen, Thomas: Miniature chess sets (English/German)

Schafroth, Colleen: The art of chess

Schafroth, Colleen: Sculptures in miniature

Stratford, Neil: The Lewis chessmen

Taylor, Michael: The Lewis chessmen

Thórarinsson, Gudmundur G.: The enigma of the Lewis chessmen - The Icelandic theory

Timoshuk, Nikolai: History through chess

Williams, Gareth: Master pieces

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